Newt’s Hypocrisy

15 Jun 2017

Of all the people blaming the rhetoric of the left for the shootings in Virginia, Newt Gingrich has the weakest leg to stand on.

In 1996–over 20 years ago–Gingrich’s GOPAC published a memo called, “Language: A Key Mechanism of Control,” that I still use in my rhetoric classes.

The entire goal of the memo is to weaponize language in order to make your opponent look evil, decadent, and “other.” Literally! Under its list of “Optimistic Positive Governing Words” is “we/us/our.” Meanwhile, under the list of “Contrasting Words” is “they/them.”

According to the memo, “The words and phrases are powerful. Read them. Memorize as many as possible.” A few other phrases include:

  • “traitors”
  • “destroy”
  • “betray”
  • “endanger”
  • “lie”
  • “sick” and
  • “urgent”

Two decades of this kind of rhetoric, and here we are, courtesy of Gingrich.



One Response to “Newt’s Hypocrisy”

  1. Both sides have gotten out of control with the rhetoric. I found Ted Nugent’s recent pledge to clean up his act in that regard to be encouraging. Hope others follow suit.

    Neither side is evil, and it’s okay to have a difference of opinion.

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