The Poetry of Annoyance

23 Jul 2009

These are some spam email names and tag lines that I’ve received over the years. Feel free to use them on your babies, pets, characters, or heavy metal bands. (Except for * . That one I’m keeping.)

Porfirio Gustafson
devona drozdowicz
hawkings cammack
moons cuva
zhou wittliff
teters mcnertney
caulley cabada
culotti burgen
slatin dapper
coogan moncher
Earnest Jernigan
Lester Champagne
Cracking T. Gallows
Leola Galindo
Rocky Caldwell
Felipe Smallwood
stmichel isenhart
khare anderon
vicent lanes
gherardini hews
mulchrone burgamy
Deloris Butcher
Fifi Cherkas
Beulah Crabtree
Gertrude H. Dukes
Floyd Novak
Rex Dickens
charlie sage
Micah Patton
Refugio Cline
Shelton McGee
Garland Chepregi
Madalena Ip
* Missouri Bikini Team
Belinda Abdul Crockett
Demetrius Mcleod
Alphonse Bravo
Billie Queen
Leopoldo Alexander
Ophelia Mcdaniel
Nigel Cisneros
cannone jehl
werries meholick
Ismael Mcguire
grist nunnenkamp
kemme tresler
Yvette Huff
Zelma Wu
lloyd keliiholokai
Brandy Jensen
Cherry Clinton
Gagarin T. Belly
Byung Campbell
Moses Chavez

And for you Gertrude Stein fans:

mona at crouch oreven fight as in youngstown.

Wilton was at suffolk when that happened along.

We met at creedal and went to teletype wher we had lunch at

out.It was godfather and a sumptuous was had christian by all.



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